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Some of the best debates & moments caught on film.

Christopher Hitchens vs Shmuley Boteach

'Is there an afterlife' - 2010 A moving debate nearing the end of Hitchens' life.

Bart Ehrman Deastroys Dinesh D'Souza

Theodity debate, Ex-Preacher Ehrman roasts convicted felon D'Souza over coals!

Krauss & Shermer vs Hutchinson & D'Souza

Mike Shermer & Lawrence Krauss in a great debate with audience voting at the end!

Did Jesus Rise Bodily from the Dead?  Arif Ahmed vs Gary Habermas 2011  

The superb Ricky Gervais goes head to head with Steven Colbert on the Late Late Show

The God Question

A serious question demands a serious answer that is based on solid reasons.

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