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SHSG Present Wreath on Remembrance Day For The Second Year Running

For the second time, the SHSG were represented by two members who laid a wreath at Gibraltar's British War Memorial to pay it's respects formally to all those brave men and women who died so that we, their wives, husbands, children & friends may enjoy the freedom and security of democratic liberty.

Such selfless sacrifice has given us the freedom to follow religion or not as we choose. With many parts of the world in flux and with unrest causing huge human misery to millions in various regions, that we have the choice to be openly secular is a direct result of the bravery of so many extraordinary individuals.


To all who gave their lives that we may walk in freedom - we salute you all.



2016 - The SHSG were represented by

Sabrina Duarte-Gibbins & Anthony Hodgetts

This is the second year we have had a presence at the ceremony, attended by His Excellence the Governor of Gibraltar, the Chief minister & the Commander British Forces with wreaths being laid at the War Memorial in Gibraltar's Town Centre.

A great turnout as usual, with Esteemed Veterans, serving members of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, the Royal Navy, The RA, Royal Marines & British Special Forces alongside youth groups such as the Scouts, ATC, Army Cadets, Sea Scouts.


2015 - Kelly Gibbins and Andy Caras-Altas officially represented the Society on Sunday November 8th where they joined the official line-up and presented our wreath alongside the great and the good of our community, in front of a large and respectful crowd of onlookers.


This was a great opportunity for the Society to show the public that citizens don't have to adhere to a religious doctrine in order to recognise those who have paid the ultimate price in defence of their homeland.

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