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Aims of the SHSG

a) To promote discussion about Atheism, Secularism, Humanism, & Agnosticism and the belief that religion is not necessary in modern society.

b) To promote an ethical and fulfilling non-religious approach to life involving a naturalistic view of the universe.

c) To challenge unfair laws that protect an organisation simply due to its religious basis when there is no humanist basis for them to be afforded any higher rights than any other section of society.

d) To liaise with Government to ensure that it acts as a secular state guaranteeing human rights with no privilege or discrimination on grounds of religion or belief as per the Gibraltar Constitution 2006 in particular Sections 1(b), 9 & 14.

e) To provide community support for those who feel isolated or who may be unable to express their views regarding religious non-inclusion due to family obligation, social pressure or for any other reason. This support should be open to anyone, must be provided in complete confidence and will not be limited to any one race, creed, age or belief.

f) The group aims to provide support for people “coming out” in terms of their atheism and to increase awareness within the community to show that people in Gibraltar are cultural christians rather than actually religious, and try to challenge the unfair, archaic and arcane laws that protect an organisation simply due to the word 'Religion'.
















g) The SHSG must use it's collective voice as a pressure group and must be able to bring topical matters to the fore and redress any religious imbalance in our society, with a view to using the media and other forums to ensure that any unreasonable religious zeal proposed for the community is countered with fair and effective argument in order to provide an alternative view at all times.

h) To communicate with Government to ensure that all and any official paperwork that is to be filled in by the general public at any time includes such choices as maintain a fair and balanced selection without discrimination or bias toward any specific religious group. Our members would vehemently oppose any “blasphemy” laws, and anyone seeking to silence free speech against religion as has recently been proposed by the Imam of Gibraltar and we insist on our right to get the message out that religion should not be given special rights.

i) To challenge discriminatory practices of local education establishments regarding Religious Studies must be address with urgency. Christian elements have too much control of the studies at present and the SHSG feel there should be a more libertarian move toward the curriculum style offered in the UK by way of a more general understanding of religion and any role it may have in modern society. 

j) The group feel it is important to offer a range of scientific-based lectures and tours to those who may be interested to ensure that a balanced view is offered to all members of the community with regard to evolution and the natural history of our planet, culture and species. The group would like to offer specialist events with the inclusion of scientists from Gibraltar and overseas who can educate and explain scientific theory and facts with a view to debunking the pseudo-scientists (psychics – mediums – homoeopathy etc). We would be looking to arrange talks in schools, youth clubs and other groups whilst monitoring/investigating the religious dominance in community support groups such as AA, NA, et al

k) The Group wish to be able to publicly counter all and any criticism levelled against individuals who choose to take an atheist stance as is their inalienable right. The group would aim to encourage debate between atheists and theists in order to allow the public to watch the opposing views without bias to either side, the aim would be to involve as much media as possible both locally and on an international basis.

l) The group wish to investigate the possibility of affiliation with larger organisations from the UK and Europe and will look to these groups for advice and support. The group will attempt to raise funds to allow events to be held throughout the year. This may be through lectures, tours, society memorabilia, raffles, stalls at public events and any other type of way possible.



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The SHSG have invested in a large banner for use at events, fundraisers, shows or anywhere else that will get us some publicity or help advertise what we do and who we are.


Drop one of us an email if you want to use it or feel the need to display the society logo somewhere!

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