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Press Release #5



Tue, 13th April 2015




The Secular Humanist Society of Gibraltar ('SHSG') notes what appears to be a press release published in Panorama on Monday 13th April 2015, with the title ,”Spiritual healing and deliverance at the 40th anniversary of the Charismatic Movement”.


It is concerned by the claims attributed to one Ghislain Roy from Quebec, Canada, of whom it is claimed that he will provide “his gifts of spiritual healing, which in itself leads to the healing of so many ailments. Every evening there will be services seeking physical, but also most importantly, spiritual healing.”

Whilst the SHSG defends the rights of other to believe in what they wish, it is alarmed by claims regarding the healing of physical ailments.


Doctors and other medical practitioners are required by the Medical and Health Act to be registered by the Gibraltar Medical Registration Board. Furthermore, the Appendix to a HMGOG Official Notice listing Regulated Professions and Protected Titles published earlier this year, does not include 'healer' of any description.

The SHSG therefore urges members of the public suffering from medical ailments or caring for children or other relatives who are sick, to contact their GP or other regulated medical professional via the Gibraltar Health Authority or private practice.


Entrusting medical concerns to unqualified and presumably unregistered individuals will not result in a return to health and could ultimately endanger life.


SHSG Committee

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