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Press Release #7








The Secular Humanist Society of Gibraltar ('SHSG') congratulates the SDGG initiative in organising the Boat Procession as part of the National Day celebrations. 


We are less pleased to note that there will be an unnecessary and divisive religious element as an integral part of the event. We say divisive, as it will be a blessing by a Roman Catholic priest, thus automatically excluding over 4,000 non-Catholic Gibraltarians (or nearly 9,000 of Gibraltar's total population) among us. 


National Day is meant to be a celebration for the whole community – by adding this religious side to it (and from one specific religion at that), this causes an unnecessary division and leaves the non-Catholics feeling alienated. Religion is a personal affair for those who choose it. 


The SDGG requests that the religious part of the boat trip be removed,  so that all Gibraltarians can unite in a celebration of our National identity.



SHSG Committee 


Notes for Editors:


*Figures extrapolated from the Gibraltar Census 2012, published by HM Government of Gibraltar.




See Table 1.15c - Total Population by Religion and Nationality


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