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Secular Services

Memorial & Funeral Services

The SHSG believe that a memorial service should celebrate life, not death a tribute to the individual and a time for thier families to remember the best of them..


Memorials should pay tribute to the individual who has lived, rather than be a means to evangelise out-dated doctrines, such as sin, prayer and salvation, as religious funerals and services tend to do.


We believe it is high time to be rid of bland, depersonalised services read by priests or religious ministers who hijack the service to encourage religion, instead of honouring the person for who they were and what they achieved.

Secular Humanists can specify 'No Religion' in their wills and papers, and freethinking families can likewise make clear they want no religious observances at funerals, the gravesite or memorials, choices that must be respected and cannot be challenged.


The SHSG have an experienced minister who will respond very swiftly to any call for a service, meeting with the relatives and getting to know who the deceased was and what should be celebrated about their life. Songs, poems or any other special memoirs will be compiled and stored to allow the family to remember their loved one's favourite memories.


Our minister will then personalise the entire service, so that the day of the funeral is a very special, personal moment and it celebrates the life, loves and achievements of the deceased in a truly meaningful and fulfilling way.


If you wish to find out more or to book a service for your loved one, please use our contact form

Wedding and Marriage Services

The SHSG are hoping to be able to offer this service in the not-too-distant future, although at present we do not have any accredited ministers available to perform ceremonies.


We will update this page as and when we are able to offer wedding and marriage ceremony services.



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The SHSG have invested in a large banner for use at events, fundraisers, shows or anywhere else that will get us some publicity or help advertise what we do and who we are.


Drop one of us an email if you want to use it or feel the need to display the society logo somewhere!

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